Extra Virgin Olive oil Premium from Córdoba, Spain

200 years in the making

A mill surrounded by olive trees

We have been over 200 years on the making of extra virgin olive oil in Finca Duernas. Our secret is the combination of looking after the soil, respect for our people and trying to do the best we can. Early harvest and short milling to be able to offer the optimal olive oils juice, full of aromas and flavour.

At Finca Duernas we are celebrating our millenary culture, which is a myriad of different villages, with the creation of Duernas origen: products delivered to us by the land and which have been at the root of our gastronomy throughout our history. Delicacies which tantalise our palate, whilst nurturing our body.

is range we offer you- straight from the finca to your table- is the reward we reap for our profound respect for the land and our culture: extra virgin olive oil, nuts, salt and honey in their purest forms; at their origin.

What makes us so special

years in the making

Tradition and knowledge

Being the fourth generation at Finca Duernas we are still selecting only the best fruits to produce an extra virgin olive oil, which is unique in the world.

Olive oil hectares

Green promise

We are committed to organic farming while being a good steward of the environment. Nature always gives back.

Olive trees

Total traceability

Our own mill is placed in the centre of the olive grove. This allows us to control the olives from the tree to the cellar.

hour of the tree to the bottle

Excellency promise

The excellency standard of an extra virgin olive oil is determined by the length and care during the production process

Our guarantee

Olive may not exceed their optimal time of maturation that results in a fruit juice, fresh and healthy. In Duernas, we start harvesting early October, which is when the olive tree comes in El Envero

This moment is the manifestation most beautiful in the change of Nature; when the fruit changes color from green to purple, showing the strength of aromas and flavour, along with its wealth of nutritional.

The amount of juice that give the olives in this moment is less than half that if left to mature. At Finca Duernas we are aware of the sacrifice of that volume but we opted to offer an olive juice is fresher and of higher quality, this is our secret.

El Sello Internacional de Calidad Extra Virgen ( SIQEV)

The commitment to excellency

Only the premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils, that comply with very demanding quality standards, are granted with the SIQEV. It is a numbered seal granted by QvExtra! International, audited by SGS on an annual basis, to verify that it is really an excellent olive juice.

Medalla de Oro de los premios Internacionales de AOVE ecológico ECOTRAMA

GOLD MEDAL by ECOTRAMA, the most prestigious international organic awards