We have been over 200 years on the making of extra virgin olive oil in Finca Duernas. Our secret is the combination of looking after the soil, respect for our people and trying to do the best we can. Early harvest and short milling to be able to offer the optimal olive oils juice, full of aromas and flavour.

Duernas extra virgin arbequina is unique world’s wide, most olive oil experts say. What you normally expect from this varietal y a quite fruity mild olive oil, which is quite sweet, is never bitter and it is rarely spicy at the end of the palate.

Ours, starts being fruity and sweet but with slight bitter and quite nice spicy sensations at the end of the palate.

This is quite peculiar and certifies its freshness and high quality because the high concentration of polyphenols.

Goes perfectly with toast, fruit, fish and salads of all kinds. It is the perfect substitute of butter for baking

  • Fruitiness :5
  • Bitterness: 1
  • Pungency:2

Duernas Organic Picual had a green aroma to aromatic herbs and recently cut grass. It is a quite complex olive oil, intense and aromatic and very convenient to have for any kitchen technique because of its stability.

It is quite bitter and spicy which are two very important positive attributes of olive oil because only the ones obtained from fresh green olives have these healthy characteristics. utilizado por  nutricionistas deportivos profesionales como única aceite en la dieta de sus atletas. 

Good for stews and soups, carpaccios, grilled poultry, meat and deep frying. Also recommended for Sushi. This oil is used by many professional sports nutricionist as the only oil in their athletes’ diet

Perfect for long stews, vegetables, cheese or tartars. Most suitable for frying and canned food for its high stability.

  • Fruitiness: 3
  • Bitterness: 3
  • Pungency: 3
Medalla de Oro de los premios Internacionales de AOVE ecológico ECOTRAMA

GOLD MEDAL by ECOTRAMA, the most prestigious international organic awards