At Finca Duernas we are celebrating our millenary culture, which is a myriad of different villages, with the creation of Duernas origen: products delivered to us by the land and which have been at the root of our gastronomy throughout our history. Delicacies which tantalise our palate, whilst nurturing our body.

is range we offer you- straight from the finca to your table- is the reward we reap for our profound respect for the land and our culture: extra virgin olive oil, nuts, salt and honey in their purest forms; at their origin.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Unfiltered

Duernas Origen is a coupage of the best extra virgin organic olive oil because in Duernas we live as if tomorrow would be the last of our days but we look after the land as if we would have an eternal life.

With the edition of Duernas Origen, we want to be transported to the Roman groves were the fresh green grass covers the soil, and the fauna provides that balance that Nature needs, so that humans don’t intervene in the cycle excessively.

It is a limited edition, because it is a raw olive juice coming directly from the pressed olives and thus, it is very a delicate one.

The best before date is no longer than 6 months and during this time, the rests of pulp and skin may decant on the bottom of the bottle. This very sensitive juice should always be used at room temperature.

El Origen del Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra - un Coupage ecológico

Duernas Origen is an organic, arbequino & picual coupage

To make Duernas origen we selected that crucial moment during the ripening of the fruit known as the “envero”, representing the most picturesque phase of transformation in the olive grove. It is when the olive turns from green to purple, unveiling the power of its aroma and flavour, as well as its nutritional properties. It comes from the Latin in-variare, at the moment of change, and was considered to be the best oil the tree could offer, way back from its origin, during the time of the Roman Empire.

Es un virgen extra complejo, equilibrado en boca, con notas de plátano y tomate, dejando en el retrogusto, unas notas picantes, debido a su alta concentración de antioxidantes naturales.

Spring salt

For centuries, the Spring Salt of Duernas has been the most important ones of the whole Iberian Peninsula and they are considered to be a unique material and intangible human heritage in Europe.

Its origin was the sea that, 350 million years ago, refused to leave Cordoba. eywere of an outstanding importance during the Roman Empire and provided to the rest of the provinces.

The purity of the Spring Salt is the highest and it has a clear advantage in comparison to sea salt because spring salt is not impacted my microplastic pollution present in ocean water. It is considered unique and very rare because it bubbles naturally from the earth where it is collected in pools where evaporation occurs. e sun and the wind help to create the mineral-rich salt crystal that it is carefully collected by hand Flower of Salt at its origin, retaining the health-promoting minerals Nature provides such as like calcium, potassium, zinc, magnesium, vanadium, iodine, manganese, and iron as well as others.

Sunflower honey

In spring Duernas is a riot of flowers, combining the inflorescences of the olive tree and the sunflowers, which are traditionally planted on the plains of the is where the hives are located, and have been, year after year, for generations, so the bees can have their fill of the abundant pollen.e bees also assist the olive trees with their productive duties, playing an active part in increasing the yield.

The wise beekeepers grant us with pots of russet-coloured honey with delicate floral aromas, caressing the palate softly. It is also replete with countless nutritional benefits, as befits products with a clearly natural origin.


History relates that it was the love of a caliph – Abd al-Rahman III- for his wife Azahara that first brought almond trees to Cordoba. Azahara was from Granada and pined for the sight of snow on the mountain peaks of her native land. e caliph ordered almond trees to be planted in the palace gardens, so their dazzling white blossoms would remind Azahara of home and ease her sadness.

The cordobese countryside is ideally suited to growing both olive and almond trees and the crucial role played by our collaborators, bees, over the centuries, in increasing production, is more than evident. Duernas’ Spanish almonds have a delicious sweet taste and as any natural product at its origin whole host of nutritional benefits such as essential fatty acids, vitamins, proteins and fiber.

Medalla de Oro de los premios Internacionales de AOVE ecológico ECOTRAMA

GOLD MEDAL by ECOTRAMA, the most prestigious international organic awards