The perfect Frying

Con Duernas Arbequina

The food must be completely covered by the oil. Should you use a shallow pan, turn the food regularly to ensure even cooking.

The frying temperature of the oil must be right. Extra virgin olive oil has a smoke point between 350 and 410 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperature depends on the ingredient. For Deep frying it should reach 340 °F (170°C) Carefully drop the ingredients into the boiling oil until it is lightly browned. Do not over fry. 

At the end of the frying process, the food should be placed on an absorbent sheet to remove any excess oil.

EVOO may be reused several times. Let it cool down and filter. Store it in an stainless Steel container or glass jar. Reuse it only for frying the same kind of ingredient because it retains some flavours.